When it finally happens

There is a moment in life when everything goes down, and nothing could be worse, you feel pain in your soul, and there's no one to hold you. Until that moment, when the right person appears at the right time, and it seems like everything is fixing itself. A warm feeling invades your body, there is excitement in waking up, and you know this has happened before but somehow this time is different, more intense, real, passionate, mature. Somehow this time you see is real love.

And of course real love can be broken too, the only difference is that there is a strength to fight for it every time you have to. Is that kind of love where you enjoy the good times and understand the bad ones. This person becomes your rock; your entire universe, sometimes the only one who understands you, and other times you can't even stand him/her.
But that is love, so complicated that is beautiful.